Party Pump


This is for sure the cheapest and arguably finest, option! You get a basic party pump and a plastic tap to dispense your brews with. The draw back of this set up is that oxygen rather than CO2 is used to push out the brew and oxygen will spoil the beverage within 12 hrs rather than CO2 which will give you a few months of freshness. If you plan to finish the keg (responsibly of course) in one sitting, ideally within 12ish hours, then this is still a low fuss and worthy option to consider.


How do you keep kegs cold?
Just put the keg in a bucket of ice and pump the beer out at your leisure.


How it works?
1. Hit the “Add to Cart” button below..
2. Open the “Kegs” page, find a brew you’d like and add to cart
3. Go to check out – choose if you’d like your keg delivered or if you will collect in person at the brewery. Tapping gear will be posted separately to the keg or dropped at breweries when possible.
4. Check out, tap and enjoy
5. Let us know when you have finished with the keg and it’s been dropped back at the brewery, we will then refund the $99 keg bond.


– Easy to use
– No gas cylinder required
– No electricity required

Because Oxygen spoils beer after tapping the beer needs to be drunk within one sitting, ideally within 12hrs. If you want the kegs to stay fresh for months check out the simple tap set up.

Please let us know if you have any questions –

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