Simple Tap Setup


Fresh beer for months…Yes this is the simplest way to keep draft beverages fresh for months. You don’t need to do any DIY, just a CO2 soda stream cylinder from Coles/Woolies or the legends at GazGuyz, then you just need a way to keep the keg super cold as warm beer and warm taps equals foamy pours!


Key Benefits
– Flow control tap gets you the perfect pour
– No beer line makes cleaning a breeze

What’s included? 

  • A type coupler
  • Stainless Steel Flow Control Tap
  • Low profile bend and tap shank adapter
  • Premium Ball Lock Disconnect MFL (Clear/Grey/Gas) – With Integrated Check Valve
  • 7 in 1 Faucet Spanner / Wrench Tool
  • Regulator – Core 360

How it works?

  1. Hit the “Add to Cart” button below..
  2. Open the “Kegs” page, find a brew you’d like and add to cart.
  3. Add the refundable keg deposit for the number of kegs you need at checkout and choose if you’d like your keg delivered or if you will collect in person at the brewery. Tapping gear will be delivered with kegs or via post.
  4. Next keg purchase just exchange your empty for full, no need to pay for the keg deposit again.

Please note
the Soda Stream gas cylinder is not included, if needed you can grab a gas cylinder from Coles, Woolies or the legends at GazGuyz or Speed Gas

Please let us know if you have any questions –



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