Why are taps in the office so good?

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Self Service


$25per month
Already have taps
Happy to clean myself

Cleaning Service


$25per month
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Managed Service


$35per month
Kegerator Supplied
Gas Supplied

How it Works

Self Service


If you have your own taps and know how to clean your gear (or want to learn – it’s super easy) then this is the approach to take, just sign up, add the kegs you want to your cart, pick your preferred delivery or pickup date and then check out. Oh and yes, we can help you setup a system too. 

Cleaning Service


Happy to order and tap kegs as needed but don’t want to clean/service your gear then this option is for you. We visit every 4-8 weeks to clean your equipment, pricing is dependant on setups and location but starts from $99 per service.   

Managed Service


From $35 a week we supply and service a kegerator / keg fridge and gas. The only thing you need to do is tell us what kegs you would like, how often you would like them replaced and then have fun pouring. 









Other FAQs

Longevity is product dependant – if keeping kegs chilled beer stays fresh from 3-9 months so if you are enjoying six or more beers a week then you don’t need to worry about it. Other beverages like seltzers, G&Ts stay fresh for a very long time. Kombucha is good for at least 3 months once cracked. Coffee kegs are the quickest to have a flavour change, they can stay fresh for a couple of months when served with nitro however, most recommend to finish within 2 weeks for optimum freshness unless it’s an expresso martini then you have months to finish, if you can pace yourself!
If keeping kegs unrefrigerated then best to call us, some beer like Young Henrys is fine along with seltzers and G&Ts but most craft products are recommended to be kept chilled to keep their flavour profile, why? Craft products are generally not pasteurised or heavily filtered and when warm the little creatures in the products are far more active – biggest risk is a secondary fermentation and for kombucha that means a non-alcoholic drink may become alcoholic. 

Usually every couple of months for a fridge setup where everything is chilled as the bacteria growth is much slower when everything is cold. If using a chiller system where part of the setup is at room temperature then it’s recommended to service every month. If the system is not cleaned the products will eventually taste off and worst case the bacteria can make people sick. 

In terms of who services the setups, if in Sydney or Newcastle then we can. Regardless of where you are we can teach you (it is really easy) or we can connect you with your nearest beer technician. 

If you are just getting kegs delivered and don’t need a clean our transport partner Chill transport delivers kegs in refrigerated trucks. If you have signed up for a managed service we will connect kegs during our visits. 

20L Kegs are 57cms tall, 24cms wide. With a coupler, 69cms tall. They weigh 25kgs so a lot easier to carry around than a 50L and take up half the footprint.

10L Kegs are 37cms tall, 24cms wide. With a coupler 49cms tall. They weigh 14kgs. 

All the kegs on the marketplace require an A-type coupler. 

Hell yeah, we can organise to have your fridge door wrapped with your logo. 

Absolutely, we partner with the amazing team at Eat First to support a bunch of offices. 

Pricing FAQs

No, we only want to help, if we don’t then give us the boot. 

If in Sydney or Newcastle then yes, we offer a turn key service where a kegerator is supplied and serviced from $35 a week which includes the gas and regular maintenance. 

$1200 for a single door basic keg fridge with 2-3 taps. Commercial kegerators start from $2200. 

Not when buying on KegSwappa, on average there’s a 20% saving vs bottles and cans but some are over 40% off their packaged equivalent.  


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