Why are they so good? 

  • Your team will know they are loved & be frothing to come in 
  • Healthy kombucha options helps your team stay fighting fit 
  • Saves time having to do bottle shop runs & recycling 
  • Saves some money – 25% saving vs bottles/cans  
  • Avoids the waste – good for our planet and your bins 
  • One tree planted for every keg enjoyed… 





How does it work?

Option 1:
Self Service

Order when needed, kegs get delivered to your door and you just tap and enjoy. 

You will need your own taps and to clean/service your gear each month – we can help you get setup and teach you how to clean.

Option 2: 
$99 Monthly Clean 

Order when needed, kegs get delivered to your door and you just tap and enjoy. You will need your own taps – we can help you get setup but then every month we will visit to clean/service your gear. 

Option 3: 
$139 Managed Service

Once you have taps you just tell us what beverages you’d like and we take care of the rest, i.e. visit on a scheduled cycle to replace empties, clean/service gear, we even take care of the gas. 

Option 4: 
$159 Taps Supplied Managed service

We install a commercial grade kegerator and then keep it stocked, cleaned and gassed. You just need to tell us what kegs you would like on tap. 

We help offices of all shapes and sizes

With all types of setups from built-in to free wheeling

Pricing FAQs

Nope, we only want to help, if we don’t then give us the boot. 

We offer a turn key service where a commercial kegerator is supplied and serviced for $159 a month. There is no contract although we ask for the intent to be for long term use, if needing gear for an event just let us know. 

$1200 for a single door basic keg fridge with 2-3 taps. Commercial kegerators start from $2400. 

20L kegs from $99. Click the kegs tab to check the range.

$14.95 for one keg. 
$24.90 for two kegs. 
$34.85 for three kegs. 

Empties are collected for free. 

Other FAQs

Longevity is product dependant – once kegged beer stays fresh from 2-6 months. Seltzers and Ciders stay fresh for at least 3 months once tapped and kombucha too.

Beverage lines, couplers and taps are usually cleaned fortnightly in a pub but depending on how much use the system gets most offices get away with monthly cleans although worth noting that it’s best to flush lines if changing brew types, e.g. from a kombucha tap to a beer tap otherwise it will be a kombucha tasting beer!

In terms of who cleans the lines, we can, we can teach you or we can connect you with your nearest beer plumber. Drip trays sit under the taps just need to be rinsed out when liquid pools and is usually a quick step added to the nightly kitchen wipe down.

If you are just getting kegs delivered and don’t need a clean our transport partner Chill transport delivers kegs in refrigerated trucks. If you have signed up for a managed service we will connect kegs during our visits. 

20L Kegs are 57cms tall, 24cms wide. With a coupler, 69cms tall. They weigh 25kgs so a lot easier to carry around than a 50L and take up half the footprint.

10L Kegs are 37cms tall, 24cms wide. With a coupler 49cms tall. They weigh 14kgs. 

All the kegs on the marketplace require an A-type coupler. 

Keen to know more or talk through the next steps?
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