swap & go kegs with your local breweries

swap & go kegs with your local breweries

10 & 20L Interchangeable Keg Options

One tree planted for every keg enjoyed

Sign up & choose beer 

Sign up & choose beer 

Visit brewery, swap  & enjoy!



Brews at their Best

Save Money

Save on avg ~30%


They need us more than ever


Only one planet with beer!

Why Get Kegged?

– Freshest Brews 

– Save Money (~30%) for More Beer!

– Help Your Local 

– Help Save Our Planet

Simple setups from...

$ 199


Scan the “Breweries” or check the available kegs on the “Beer” page to make sure there’s a dream brew for you. If not, let us know which breweries/beers you’d want onboard and we will do our best to make it happen.  

So there’s a brewery you’d like to start swapping with, it’s now time to Sign Up. Doesn’t cost anything.  

Click on the “Gear” tab to get set up. Worth noting that the only thing you need from us is to pay the $99 Swap Keg bond which is returned if you ever hand back your keg.

Use the Breweries page to search by brewery and location, or the Beer page to see all that is available

Pay online & collect from the selected Brewery. Each Brewery has different opening hours so check this on their Brewery Page before choosing a pick up date.

The best part! Any questions? Check out the help page or get in touch.

One for our mother

For every keg enjoyed

Why do we plant trees? The nature of swapping (re-using) is inherently better than recycling, a 20L keg avoids 53 bottes/cans, also buying local means beer/water isn’t trucked across the country but even still we leave a footprint hence the tree planting. Now we get to save our planet by drinking beer!

Ban the Bottle: Kegs get reused and 7 out of 10 cans get recycled but despite most beers being sold in glass bottles only 57% are recycled. Why don’t more bottles get recycled? It’s cheaper to import new – madness we know!