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10 & 20L Kegs of Beer, Cider, Seltzer, Kombucha

Packaging makes up 40% of a beer's footprint, why not help our planet, a local, your taste buds and your wallet. Oh, and one tree is also planted for every keg enjoyed!


It’s like a farmers market, KegSwappa is the marketplace but you use it to buy direct from the farmers/brewers. Because all the kegs used are the same you can swap/exchange with any listed brewery. 

Check there’s a local to swap with or that we can deliver to you. Then check the set up options to determine what gear you may need, all kegs use an A-type connection. After sorting your set up add kegs to your cart, there is a $99 refundable keg bond that is added (if needed) at check out, after checking out you then get kegs, tap and enjoy!

Pick up directly from breweries or have delivered to your door. There is a refundable keg bond for the number of kegs you want on tap but it’s only paid for on the first order, after that you just exchange empties for full kegs – so swap & go at the breweries or leave out for our drivers to swap. 

On average breweries offer a 25% saving for brews in kegs relative to bottles & cans although some offer a saving of over 40%. Pouring gear can cost as little as  $89 but for a keg fridge / kegerator setup expect to pay around $900. 

Why Kegs?

  • Freshest & best quality brews
  • Save some moolah, 25% ON AVERAGE
  • Your mates, team, customers will love you!
  • Helps your local 
  • Avoids the packaging waste – 40% of a beer’s footprint 
  • And, a tree is planted for every keg enjoyed!


Why we plant trees? For our kids, and theirs. We want brews sourced from the marketplace to be carbon neutral and with 40% of a beer’s footprint being tied to packaging kegs are a giant leap towards the goal however, we still leave a footprint hence the tree planting. 

Does planting a tree achieve the goal of being carbon neutral? It definitely can but it depends on the tree and how big it grows so we can’t say with certainty just yet, if trees are not enough we will look at other offset strategies so you, me, anyone can help save our planet and it’s people by drinking beer, like a Beer-Venger!