your marketplace for little kegs

your marketplace for little kegs

10 & 20L Kegs of Beer, Cider, Seltzer & Kombucha

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Why get kegged?

  • 41% of a beer’s footprint is linked to packaging
  • Freshest & best quality brews
  • save some moolah, 25% ON AVERAGE 
  • Support your local 
  • because they are awesome fun, and 
  • we plant a tree for every keg enjoyed

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how to keep kegs cold

An esky
normal fridge

Why do we plant trees? For the next generations. The nature of swapping (re-using) is inherently better than recycling, a 20L keg avoids 53 bottes/cans, also buying local means beer/water isn’t trucked across the country but even still we leave a footprint hence the tree planting. Now we get to save our planet and it’s people by drinking beer, like a Beer-Venger!

Ban the Bottle: Kegs get reused and 7 out of 10 cans get recycled but despite most beers being sold in glass bottles only 57% are recycled. Why don’t more bottles get recycled? It’s cheaper to import new – madness we know!