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10 & 20L Kegs of Beer, Cider, Seltzer & Kombucha

COVID update: Young Henrys kegs can only be delivered during lockdown however, all other breweries are open for delivery or direct swap.


Apologies, only Sydney deliveries for now. Purchase kegs by midday Wednesday for Friday delivery, more days/locations coming soon. 

An online marketplace where breweries list for sale 10 & 20L kegs. Because all the breweries use the same KegSwappa kegs you can easily swap between breweries. 

Check there’s a local to swap with or that we can deliver to you. Then check the set up options to determine what gear you may need. After sorting your set up add kegs to your cart, check out, get kegs, tap and enjoy.  

Pick up directly from breweries for free or have delivered for just $14.95 (including the empty collection). Deliveries are currently completed on Fridays to 545 Sydney suburbs however, a Tuesday delivery run is coming soon. 

On average breweries offer a 25% saving for brews in kegs relative to bottles & cans although some offer a saving of over 50%. Pouring gear can cost as little as  $89…

why get kegged?

  • 40% of a beer’s footprint is linked to packaging
  • Freshest & best quality brews
  • save some moolah, 25% ON AVERAGE 
  • Support your local
  • For the fun of it and Because 
  • we plant a tree for every keg enjoyed

one for our mother

Why plant trees? For our kids and theirs. Swapping (re-using) is inherently better than recycling and buying local means brews (which is mostly water) are not being trucked across the country however, we still leave a footprint hence the tree planting. Each year a mature tree will absorb the carbon equivalent of 88 local draft beers, a 20L keg only has 53 (375ml) beers in it so the carbon equation is looking pretty good for mother earth especially since a tree will absorb carbon for many a year. Now we get to save our planet and it’s people by drinking beer, like a Beer-Venger!