5 Year Goal – Remove the need to make & landfill 10 million bottles & cans

Co-founders Ashley & Johnny


Is to help make consumption of beverages as enjoyable & sustainable as possible because our taste buds matter, our wallets and the brewers’ wallets matter and, most importantly, we want our kids to have a bright future living on a happy planet. 


KegSwappa is a vacation inspiration, the brainchild of two Northern Beaches Dads (Ashley & Johnny) who met on the road while touring around Australia. “The Brew Tour”, as their wives affectionately called it (they think!), included several brewery stops because they wanted to support local businesses and because they love beer, who would have guessed! On one of their late-night sampling/solve the world rambling sessions they talked about how much waste there is with packaged beer. In the morning the waste problem was still front of mind – the joys of camping in the bush (no recycling bins) where you have to carry all your rubbish. Over several more nights of healthy debates, the idea of KegSwappa was born.

Leaving only footprints on beautiful Fraser Island


Beer is obviously critical to survival and given that mother earth is the only planet we know of that has beer we need to treasure her. 

When it comes to our values it’s what you’d expect, i.e. no bullshit, help as much as we can, have fun, continuously improve and do our best to leave only footprints.

journey so far...

  • JANUARY 2020: KegSwappa is founded
  • June 2020FIAL helps us out with a matched sustainability grant 
  • JULY 2020: Launch on the Northern Beaches 
  • Rest of 2020: Expanded to some city breweries  
  • 2021 Mission: Perfect the model and then roll out to QLD, ACT & VIC 

thanks for checking us out...

The Crew at Steep Point, WA