party & event kegs

Nothing screams out “Celebration” like a keg party, but besides the positive vibes and freshest products, kegs make clean up a breeze by avoiding the waste! 



We partner with a range of caterers to support events from budget to extreme. Either drop us a note via the chat box or fill out the contact form - give us one working day and we will get back to you with a pitch.




  • A basic party pump
  • You will need a way to chill kegs, e.g. ice bucket, esky or fridge
  • Will need to finish the kegs the same night of tapping when pumping in oxygen



  • Flow control tap & gas regulator
  • Brews stays fresh for months
  • Requires a Soda Stream Gas Cylinder



Just kidding it won’t cost you $2m. You could build a bar out of wooden crates, make an esky out of a wheelie bin, build or even buy your own kegerator. Below are some useful links but hit the chat button if you want to talk it over. 

Bracton Single Door Kegerator

Q & A's

The biggest challenge for kegs is keeping them icy cold. If a keg warms up, then CO2 escapes from the beverage and you can’t pour anything other than foam – so you really, really, really need to keep things cold. Besides that, just don’t pressurize too much and you will be laughing. Oh almost forgot, best not to roll kegs down a hill or toss them about before tapping them! 

A fridge of course is best, however if you cannot commandeer one then a bucket, bin or esky full of ice. If you are really struggling a garbage bag, towels and heaps of ice can do the trick.  

20L Kegs are 57cms tall (69cm with a coupler) and 24cms wide. The 20L kegs have 53 cans in them, so 2.2 cases. 

10L Kegs are 37cms tall (49cm with a coupler) and 24cms wide. The 10L kegs equate to 26 cans in them, so basically a case. 

Tip: best to allow a bit of extra headroom above the keg for wiggling things in and getting your hand on the tap. On the tap front, the black handle can be cut or grinded down if needed.  

Dam straight you can, the couplers come with push fitting connectors and with ball lock connectors so they can be used with your standard home brew gear.  

Kegs are collected from the brewery when you pick up your first brew, so you don’t need to hand over a swap keg when collecting your first full keg.

Couplers are posted, however if you are in Sydney and are in dire need please let us know – we can drop off the coupler to the brewery where you are collecting your keg from, so you can get it all at once.