Our 100% refundable Keg Deposit is required as a one off per keg. Use this keg to continue swapping, or simply return to one our Breweries to have your deposit returned.



Things to know about the keg deposit.

  • A deposit is needed for the number of kegs you want to have: So if getting three kegs there is three deposits needed, two kegs then two deposits etc.
  • Why is there a deposit? You can buy kegs online from other channels and there isn’t a deposit, the catch though is that you effectively pay for the empty keg each order, so the cost of a keg is usually more than buying the same volume in bottles and cans where in our model we have changed the game, the deposit is paid once and then you just pay for the beer, kombucha etc each order after the first so there’s a bottom line win for you because the products work out cheaper than bottles/cans.
  • The Deposit is 100% refundable: just drop back to a participating brewery and let us know once dropped, if you can’t drop back then we can have our transport partner collect all your empties for $30.

About the kegs
– they are all A-type kegs, commercial grade and although the warranty is only 30 years they can last hundreds of years.