Whats your setup?


If you’ve got an A-type coupler like below then you are ready to roll. Only other cost is a $99 keg deposit which is added at check out and is fully refundable. 

Heads up re the coupler, if you don’t have a low profile bend on your coupler (90 degree bend at the top) it maybe worth getting one if using a kegerator setup, 20L kegs are rather tall and can be a tight squeeze to get into fridges. 

Kegs are collected from the breweries or delivered to your door. For your first order you don’t need an empty to exchange, just need to cover a keg deposit at check out. 

Hell yeah, the couplers come with push fitting connectors and with ball lock connectors so they can be used with corny keg style ball lock connectors. 

20L Kegs are 57cms tall (69cm with a coupler) and 24cms wide.

10L Kegs
are 37cms tall (49cm with a coupler) and 24cms wide. 

Dam straight you can, if swapping in person just need to go to a brewery that offers both sizes but if getting delivered feel free to chop and change however you like. 

Just the size, the same coupler works with the 10L & 20L kegs. 

A-type coupler with ball lock and push fittings


So you’ve got a normal fridge you’d like to use. Well the good news is there’s a few options. With the simple set up options, you can just throw everything into a fridge but if you are keen to get your hands dirty then check out the DIY kegerator kits from iKegger or Kegland.

There’s no hard and fast rule but you’d ideally want to drink beer and other alcoholic beverages within a couple of months; Kombucha can stay good for 6 months. For booze if  normally have a 6 pack in a week then go the 20L keg, otherwise test out the 10L first – you can always swap the 10L for a 20L later or vice versa.

It boils down to the size of your fridge. If you have heaps of room then go the tap, it’s easier to clean, fun to use and looks the best. 

If you only have enough room for the keg then go with the gun, it is super fun too and gives you the ability to stand and pour even if the keg is down low. 

20L Kegs are 57cms tall (69cm with a coupler) and 24cms wide. The 20L kegs have 53 cans in them, so 2.2 cases. 
10L Kegs are 37cms tall (49cm with a coupler) and 24cms wide. The 10L kegs equate to 26 cans in them, so basically a case. 

Tip: best to allow a bit of extra headroom above the keg for wiggling things in and getting your hand on the tap. On the tap front, the black handle can be cut or grinded down if needed.  

The GasGuyz make it ridiculously easy but if they don’t deliver to your hood the other options are a Soda Stream cylinder from Coles or Woolies. Another good option, especially if you’ve got a cylinder you need filled is Speed Gas – they also sell cylinders too. 


Wondering where to get CO2 gas, or where to get your CO2 cylinder filled or replaced then check out the Gas Guyz or Speed Gas. The Gas Guyz make getting gas ridiculously easy – order by midnight and have the cylinder delivered the next day. If the Gas Guyz aren’t in your hood yet then check out Speed Gas; the guys offer legendary support.

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To start using KegSwappa all you need from us is the swap keg, so if the set ups above don’t turn you on check out what is sold by the gear gurus below.