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For any business wanting little kegs or that cares about our planet. Packaging contributes to 40% of a beer’s footprint – along with the waste avoidance we planet a tree for every keg enjoyed.  


No lock in contract mean you are free to exchange between any brewery on the marketplace

Cafes &

Easer to handle smaller kegs for tighter spaces & less risk than a 50L keg 

Caterers & Events

Less risk of product waste, easy to handle and clean ups are a breeze


Boost morale or encourage office attendance with kegs of Kombucha or Friday beer, cider or seltzer

Sports Clubs & Villages

 Great for sporting clubs or retirement villages that want to cheers so an epic life 

Not seeing the brewery you would like to get kegs from – let us know and we will hit them up. 

An online marketplace where breweries list for sale 10 & 20L kegs. Because all the breweries use the same KegSwappa kegs you can purchase and exchange from any brewery with a contract or worrying about separate keg bonds. 

Pick up directly from breweries for free or have delivered for just $14.95 (including the empty collection). Deliveries are currently completed on Fridays to 545 Sydney suburbs however, a Tuesday delivery run is coming soon. 

Sign up, add to cart the $99 refundable keg bond for the number of kegs you’d like then add the brews you’d like. On the gear front you’ll need an A-type coupler to tap the kegs. Let us know if you don’t have any dispensing gear, we’ve got a bunch of options.

On average the kegs offer a 25% saving relative to bottles & cans although some offer a saving of over 50%. The refundable per keg bond is $99. Draft pouring set ups start at $165.

Not sure about the next step or just want to chat?
Please drop your details below and we will give you a holler.  

just want everything taken care of for you? Below is a simple and economical turn key draft solution
where equipment is provided, kegs are delivered and equipment cleaned

1 Keg per week


Select one 20L keg from below: 

  • Young Henry’s Newtowner Pale Ale  
  • Young Henry’s Natural Lager

Additional kegs per week


Select any of the 20L kegs below: 

  • Young Henry’s Newtowner Lager
  • Akasha’s XPA
  •  Modus XPA, Pale Ale or Wippa Snippa
  • 7th Day XPA, Pale Ale or Plan B
  • Quakers Hat Kolsch
  • Wayward’s W Summer Berry or Mango Seltzer
  • Batlow’s Cloudy Cider
  • Zentient Culture’s Mojito, Ginger & Turmeric or their Heartbeet Kombucha  

Why get kegged?

The improved fresh quality of draft beer allows for a premium price to be charged. There’s 47 schooners (425ml) in each 20L keg, get two kegs & the beer is just $3.88 per glass 

Improved customer experience, who doesn’t love a fresh draft beverage! 

Less waste, each keg avoid 53 (375ml) bottles/cans . Plus we plant a tree for every keg enjoyed. 

What are the set up options?

Counter Top Units: perfect for those with limited space as kegs don’t need to be refrigerated. 

Kegerators are ideal for those with a little more room to play with. 


Nope, if we don’t add value to your awesome business we don’t want to be there. 

Commercial grade A-type kegs, 10 & 20L options. 

Most do as it’s generally accepted that fresh draft beer comes with a premium. The other point to note is that a schooner is greater volume than most bottles/cans, i.e. a schooner is 425ml vs the normal 375ml. 

Electricity and glasses and a machine/person to wash them. Oh and a hand to pour the beer. 

Best to budget for a couple of months although some beer styles can last longer. 

We (KegSwappa) do, at the very least the lines/hoses will be cleaned out every month. 

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