Pick kegs from a range of Australian suppliers and have delivered to your door 

– 10 & 20L kegs of beer, seltzer, cider and kombucha

freshest products

~25% Saving

Waste Free

Easy to handle

No Contract


No contract or minimum order, just order kegs when needed from any brewery you wish

Cafes &

Easer to handle smaller kegs for tighter spaces 

Caterers & Events

Less risk of product waste, easy to handle and clean ups are a breeze

Office kegs are the best, boosting morale and encouraging office attendance!

Sports Clubs & Villages

What club or retirement village wouldn’t want to cheers to an awesome life! 

An online marketplace where breweries list for sale 10 & 20L kegs. Think of it like a farmers market, KegSwappa is the marketplace but you are buying direct from the farmer/brewer.  There’s no contract or commitment, just buy what you need when you want. 

You can just sign up and start ordering however, most of the time a quick chat to understand your needs is worthwhile – just let us know a good time to call in the contact form below.  

Pick up direct from breweries for free or have delivered across Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong  Central Coast, Newcastle and Melbourne.   

On average breweries offer a 25% saving for brews in kegs relative to bottles & cans although some offer a saving of over 50%. Setup costs vary but for basic kegerators start around $1200. 


Nope, if we don’t add value to your awesome business we shouldn’t be there. 

Pubs normally clean lines every fortnight, smaller venues can clean once a month although worth noting that it’s best to flush lines if changing brew types, e.g. from a kombucha tap to a beer tap otherwise you’ll taste the kombucha in the beer. In terms of who cleans the lines, we can, we can teach you or we can connect you with your nearest beer plumber.  

An A-type coupler. The kegs are all the same commercial grade A-type. 

Most do as it’s generally accepted that fresh draught beer comes with a premium. The other point to note is that a schooner is greater volume than most bottles/cans, i.e. a schooner is 425ml vs the normal 375ml. 

Chill transport delivers kegs in refrigerated trucks. You can leave out empties and the drivers will do the exchange, so like the milk man of old but with kegs.   

Beer can last anywhere from a couple of months to half a year. Kombucha, seltzers and cider are good for a year. 

20L Kegs are 57cms tall, 24cms wide. With a coupler, 69cms tall. They weigh 25kgs so a lot easier to carry around than a 50L and take up half the footprint.

10L Kegs are 37cms tall, 24cms wide. With a coupler 49cms tall. They weigh 14kgs. 

Fill out below if you’re not sure about the next step or just want to chat.