Simple Gun Setup


The simple set up is like the name suggests the simplest way to get set up as you don’t need to do any DIY, just need a fridge big enough to put the keg and coupler – which stands 69cms tall and 24cms wide. 

What’s in the box? 

  • -20L Keg
  • -A type coupler
  • -Low Profile Elbow Bend for 50L Coupler Gas
  • -Ball Lock Post with 5/8″ BSP Thread
  • -Liquid Ball Lock Post with 5/8″ BSP Thread
  • -Regulator TBC – MK4 regulator
  • -Soda Stream Cylinder Adapter (with adjustment pin)
  • -Nylon Reinforced Black Pluto Dispensing Gun (duotight)
  • -StellarClean PBW (to clean your beer lines)



Keg collected with the first beer purchase


Please note: Soda Stream gas is not included, if needed you can grab a gas cylinder from Coles or Woolies.

Please let us know if you have any questions –

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Weight 3 kg