Willie the Boatman – Mango Down Sour 10L


Nestled in the bosom of St Peters of Sydney, Willie’s brewery is where terrible jokes and unbeatable beers take shape.

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Sun – 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm


ABV 6%

Alrighty partners, it’s time to Mango down to Orange town, so lace up your drinking boots because this is one sour ride!!!

We have created this sour with the new philly sour yeast that creates the lactic acid and sour taste during the fermentation process. We then added generous additions of fresh mango pulp and as many litres as we could find of blood orange juice.

The end result is a super tart and refreshing sour beer, with a slight bitter orange taste on first sip but then finishes with a big mango fruit burst.

We think it creates the perfect spring time beer with a tantalizing balance of sweet, sour and bitter all wrapped up Into one big party in your mouth.

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Willie the Boatman





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