Bower Hard Kombucha – 4% ABV- Passionfruit & Raspberry 10L


ABV 4%

In the heart of a lush, tropical paradise, where the air is thick with the sweet aroma of ripe fruit, there grows the rare passionfruit. Let our Sunset Passion bring you on an adventure for the senses; sweet on the nose with a slightly tart finish. Dive into sensory delight; where refreshment meets refinement. Best served chilled with friends watching sunset.

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We brew seriously good kombucha with a 4% ABV kick. Made with 100% real ingredients sourced from the finest producers in Australia, our hard kombucha is organic, probiotic, low in sugar, plant based, gluten free and full of flavour. We’re on a mission to create the healthiest and best-tasting alcohol on the planet! #SipOnGoodness

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