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Now live Announcement – Standard
We are stoked to announce that we are now offering our brews on KegSwappa in reusable 10 & 20L kegs. The mission of the KegSwappa marketplace is to make the art of consumption as enjoyable and sustainable as possible which is something we are 100% committed to as well so along with avoiding all the packaging, getting the freshest beer possible and savings some dollars a tree is also planted for every keg you enjoy. What’s not to love! 

Now live Announcement – Sustainability Focused 

40% of a beer’s carbon footprint is linked to packaging so, why not get rid of the packaging and have kegs at home! We are now offering 10 & 20L kegs on the KegSwappa marketplace. Along with avoiding the packaging you also get to save some money for more beer! Oh and for every keg you enjoy a tree is planted, so yes, you get to help save our planet while drinking beer!   

Beer-Venger Post 

Ever wanted to be an Avenger, saving our planet and it’s people. Packaging makes up 40% of a beers carbon footprint. By getting kegged you avoid the waste and for kegs purchased on the KegSwappa marketplace one tree is planted for every keg you enjoy – so you get to save your taste buds, your wallet and our planet, like a Beer-Venger!   

Wheelie Bin

Ever had an overflowing wheelie bin? How about next party you get a keg, along with getting the freshest beer and savings some money if you get everyone to bring a you get the joy of wheelie bin won’t know you even had a party!  (wheelie bin image is in the Photo & Video link above)