BRewery Support

Call Johnny anytime on 0422 232 963, the team phone on 0432 011 882 or email


Just let us know and we will pick up the damaged and replace with a new one.

We don’t send new users empty kegs, instead they either get their keg when either having the brew delivered or if they come in to collect. when they pick up their first keg when they collect their first brew or get it if we are delivering which will invariably reduce your available swap stock. When this happens we will organise for a new keg to be sent to you ASAP. 

Sign Up faqs

There is no set up fee, kegs are paid for in lieu of your first settlement and from that point on there is just a 15% processing fee. We really want this to be low risk and profitable for you so please let us know if you have any concerns.

So for example, if you join and want to have 5 kegs available for swapping the first 5 keg sales will pay off the kegs and after that point you will receive 85% of the sale price. 

You do…

Most breweries are charging a price per beer above wholesale but below full retail, so passing on some of the savings from reduced packaging, excise and time however, it is completely up to you.  

We settle via PayPal, so we just need your PayPal Email and transactions will automatically credit to your account. 

We (KegSwappa) will create your brewery profile page, with your input of course. We also load up your brews. 

What is needed from yourselves is just to manage the stock. When you log in you just need to click on the “Stock” tab on the web or app and record what you have. When a keg is sold it will automatically update the stock count – you just need to update the stock count after a kegging day. 

We use 20L slim line kegs with screw in A-Type spears. 


Apologies to those set up for D-Type kegs, we are working with the industry gurus to try and find a way in which you can easily adapt an A-Type keg for your washer/filler but right now it’s not looking good. Let us know if you have any ideas but for now you would need to manually clean/fill or change of the head of your washer/filler. 

Getting Started

When registering we will ask you for a few details, e.g. PayPal email for settlement, which brews you’d like listed and what pricing you’d like. Basically we will set up everything so that you just need to brew, keg and then update your stock to start swapping. 

Once logged in simply navigate to the “Stock” tab to quickly and easily update your stock. 

You will receive an email notification when a keg has been purchased. You will also be able to see the kegs sold in the “Orders” tab once you have logged in. 

Once signed in click “Products”, then click the “Add New” on the top right of the “Product” pages you will then be directed to a page where you can set up a new brew. 

Once logged in click the  “Product” tab. From there either click on the product image or the edit button, you will be directed to the product profile page where you can update the pricing.