Welcome to the KegSwappa Community

We are so stoked you made the time to sign up. We are trilled to have the chance to help you become a Beer-Venger. What’s that you ask, well it’s someone that saves our planet and it’s people of course and that’s what you get to do by getting kegged, help save your local, your wallet, your taste buds (from bad beer) and of course help our planet. 


Our mission is to make the art of consumption as enjoyable and sustainable as possible and we need your help making KegSwappa a no brainer choice over bottles/cans, at least for your house stable or party event. So the favour we have to ask is… if you see any improvements or can suggest a better way of doing things we’d be over the moon to hear from you.

Next steps?

  • Check the Breweries: make sure there’s a brewery onboard for you to swap with, let us know if not
  • Get the Gear: Worth noting that we don’t post out empty kegs, instead when you go to collect your first keg you don’t need to take an empty swap keg.  
  • Pick and Pay: payments are made online 
  • Tap and Enjoy