Swap Keg Bond


If you have a keg system at home with an A-Type coupler this keg is all the gear you will need to start swapping – if not, please check out the GEAR page for some suggested setup options.

– To use KegSwappa you will need one of these kegs – please let us know if you already have one at home.
– $99 Keg Bond fully refundable once you decide you don’t need to continue your KegSwappa journey. Let us know, drop to your local KegSwappa Brewery and we will refund your bond.

About the kegs – they are rated to 130psi working pressure and are made using a robotic orbital welding machine. These kegs are also passivated, giving them a matte finish, to ensure superior rust protection. Black rubber handles and base allows easier transportation and fewer scuffs on the floor or kegerator.