Kombucha Me – Hibiscus & Goji Berry 10L


Enjoy warm days with tropical hibiscus that steeps a deep red crimson glow. Infused with sweet notes of goji berries, this hibiscus & goji berry kombucha has a sharp tartness flavor and bears some resemblance to fruit juices. A drink that is delightfully innocent and is refreshing served over ice.

Goji berries have been used by herbalists in China, Tibet and India for thousands of years for increasing strength and longevity. Hibiscus is shown in studies to enhance and strengthen cardiovascular health.

This handcrafted kombucha brings these elixir ingredients of the ancient east together for an invigorating, but refreshing tonic. Give back to your gut and awaken your body!

Try this hibiscus & goji berry kombucha as an alternative base for drink mixers.

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