Kombucha Me – Lemon Myrtle 10L


Our Lemon Myrtle flavour inundates your mouth with a potent, aromatic, yet natural citral flavour. Harnessing the power, minerals and antioxidants of the native Australian plant, this lemon myrtle Kombucha has a unique floral elixir.

A handcrafted botanical brew made with selected organic black and green tea fermented slowly (between 4-6 weeks) creating an elixir of organic acids, active enzymes, probiotics and antioxidants.

Our botanical brewing is a time-honored technique of crafting premium beverages using a combination of infusion, skillful blending and fermentation of natural ingredients. The result is an authentic drink that not only tastes delicious, but may promote a harmonious balance of health.

Try this lemon myrtle kombucha as an alternative base for drink mixers.

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