A simple and economical draft solution
where equipment is provided, kegs are delivered and equipment cleaned

1 Keg per week


Select one 20L keg from below: 

  • Young Henry’s Newtowner Pale Ale  
  • Young Henry’s Natural Lager

Additional kegs per week


Select any of the 20L kegs below: 

  • Young Henry’s Newtowner Lager
  • Akasha’s XPA
  •  Modus XPA, Pale Ale or Wippa Snippa
  • 7th Day XPA, Pale Ale or Plan B
  • Quakers Hat Kolsch
  • Wayward’s W Summer Berry or Mango Seltzer
  • Batlow’s Cloudy Cider
  • Zentient Culture’s Mojito, Ginger & Turmeric or their Heartbeet Kombucha  

Why get kegged?

The improved fresh quality of draft beer allows for a premium price to be charged. There’s 47 schooners (425ml) in each 20L keg, get two kegs & the beer is just $3.88 per glass 

Improved customer experience, who doesn’t love a fresh draft beverage! 

Less waste, each keg avoid 53 (375ml) bottles/cans . Plus we plant a tree for every keg enjoyed. 

What are the set up options?

Counter Top Units: perfect for those with limited space as kegs don’t need to be refrigerated. 

Kegerators are ideal for those with a little more room to play with. 


Nope, if we don’t add value to your awesome business we don’t want to be there. 

Most do as it’s generally accepted that fresh draft beer comes with a premium. The other point to note is that a schooner is greater volume than most bottles/cans, i.e. a schooner is 425ml vs the normal 375ml. 

Electricity and glasses and a machine/person to wash them. Oh and a hand to pour the beer. 

Best to budget for a couple of months although some beer styles can last longer. 

We (KegSwappa) do, at the very least the lines/hoses will be cleaned out every month. 

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